Elena Acinapura

about me

I'm a physicist, eager to discover and understand the world

I was born in Bolzano, South Tyrol (Italy) in 1999. I am currently studying physics at University of Trento and I am passionate about science and technology. I enjoy sport, outdoor activities, travel and photography - you can check my photography site if you're interested!

If I had to describe myself with three words, I would choose curiosity, determination and balance. Curiosity because I ask myself a lot a questions, and I'm not satisfied by cursory answers: I want to understand deeply. Determination because I always keep my short- and long-term objectives clear in mind and I adapt to fulfil them. Balance because I believe that dedicating time to my own well-being and to the people I love is a way of enhancing productivity in the moments of study and work.



About my scientific development

From a quick glance at my education timeline you might find strange the choice of studying physics after attending a secondary school focused on humanities. And indeed, the development of my passion for science has been particular. I had my first crush with math during the first year of high school, thanks to my math teacher, still one of the best I have ever had. I gradually came to understand how powerful and fascinating the language of math is; I was enchanted by its abstraction, universality and power of analyzing problems, and, unsatisfied by the content covered during the lessons, I decided to deepen some advanced topics with the help of my professor. A the same time, started feeling curiosity for science: I was full of questions about how things and phenomena worked, and I wanted to go beyond the majority of the subjects I studied, that I perceived as too little pragmatical. It was becoming clear in my mind that I wanted to pursue a scientific career in order to understand the mechanisms that explain natural phenomena and describe them with the language of mathematics. I hence applied to physics at Trento.

As soon as began studying physics at the university, I understood that no other choice could have been more adequate for me. Since then, I have never had the slightest regret about my decision, and even though the studies are often demanding, and I greatly enjoy them and I can say I have obtained very good results. I particularly enjoyed the laboratory courses, since at first they represented a harder challenge for me, accustomed to more theoretical thinking. And it is exactly its being more challenging and pragmatical that makes applied science interesting for me. Additionally, I have been deeply fascinated by quantum mechanics. Hereby, I look forward to continue my studies with a specialization in the field of applied quantum physics.

Besides physics, I have developed an interest in programming since the early high school. I started learning C++ as a self-taught and I learnt LaTeX to write my diploma essay; then, as I begun the laboratory courses, I autonomously learnt python and have used it extensively since then to write my own data analysis tools (by the way, you can have a look at my github profile). In 2020, I started taking interest in algorithms, I participated in the first round of Google Hash Code competition and out team ranked third in the hub of our university, one of the biggest ones. It was so amusing for me, that this term I am attending a course of Algorithms and Data Structures at the department of Computer Science.

2018 - Present

Bachelor of Physics

University of Trento

Trento, Italy

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Secondary School Diploma

Liceo Classico "G. Carducci"

Bolzano, Italy

Grade 100/100 with honours

2013 - 2018

Classical Secondary School

Liceo Classico "G. Carducci"

Bolzano, Italy

Secondary school with focus on humanities such as Latin, Greek, literature




Extensive use for scientific data analysis, data representation and scientific computation


Extensive use for version control of university projects and personal libraries


Extensive use for scientific writing


Good knowledge for algorithms applications


Good knowledge for scientific data analysis


Long-time Linux user, at ease with the Bash command line


Basic knowledge to build a web page



Mother tongue


C1 level - Advanced
Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English, passed with C2 grade
IELTS Certificate, passed with 8 overall band score


C1 level - Advanced
Test DaF certificate, passed with score 4